Enery offers scholarships to female students at renewables program in Austria

Enery Development is taking steps to advance the energy transition in Central and Eastern Europe by offering two scholarships to female candidates pursuing master’s studies in renewable energy systems at the TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education in Austria. Applications for these scholarships can be submitted until the end of June. The aim of these scholarships is to support women’s potential and careers in the renewable energy sector.

The candidates eligible for these scholarships must hold citizenship in a Central or Eastern European country, including the Western Balkans, or Austria itself. The tuition for the program amounts to EUR 21,500. Enery Development, an international investor in renewable infrastructure, has specified that one selected candidate will receive a scholarship covering 50% of the tuition, while the other candidate will receive 40% coverage.

The part-time program offered by the TU Wien Academy aims to train experts in the field of renewable energy systems, focusing on planning and evaluating international projects related to alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal facilities. The program provides comprehensive knowledge and expertise on the legal, technical, and economic aspects of sustainable energy production. It also includes regular field trips and excursions, enriching the learning experience for the students.

Zsofi Postyn, Senior Program Manager, stated, “The TU Wien Academy of Continuing Education is proud to announce a scholarship opportunity for a female candidate from Central and Eastern Europe. This scholarship has been made possible through the support of our partner, Enery Development, a leading green energy company with a long-term vision of providing clean electricity at affordable prices and creating a more sustainable energy landscape.” These scholarships aim to empower talented women and contribute to a greener future.

The program is conducted in English and is held in Vienna and Bruck an der Leitha, spanning four semesters. Interested candidates have until June 18 to apply for the master’s studies and until June 30 to submit a scholarship request. The program is scheduled to commence on November 9.

To be eligible for the program, candidates must have completed basic studies in technical and natural sciences, economics, or law, and possess a minimum of two years of professional experience. Individuals with equivalent educational and professional qualifications will also be considered for admission.

For additional information about the renewable energy systems program, interested individuals can attend TU Wien’s information session on June 19 or visit their website.

Enery Development currently owns 45 power plants in Austria and the CEE region and is actively working on developing a pipeline of 3 GW of solar and wind projects in the region. The company emphasizes its control over the entire value chain in renewable power generation, positioning itself as a comprehensive solution provider for industrial customers, utilities, and governments.

With offices in Vienna, Sofia, Bratislava, and Prague, Enery Development boasts a team of over 70 professionals representing diverse cultural backgrounds. As they continue their endeavors, they remain committed to sustainable energy and its positive impact on society.