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Werewolves are in trouble. There aren’t many she-wolves left, and the male werewolves are becoming wilder because there aren’t enough females for everyone to have a partner.

Long ago, werewolves had special mates just for them, but now, having a mate depends on being the strongest, fastest, and smartest werewolf. This is to make sure the next generation of werewolves is strong.

Every year, the unmated males fight each other to be the first to catch and claim a she-wolf as their mate.

Jara, the last Alpha female without a mate, has just become old enough to join the claiming this year. She’s really mad that she has to fight for her freedom just because she’s a girl.

Jara doesn’t want to be claimed, especially after seeing what happened to her sister. If she can avoid being caught for seven days, she can choose her own mate.

Mason, an Alpha without a mate, wants a strong and powerful partner called a Luna to make his pack better.

Mason plans to catch Jara, the last Alpha female, before he becomes wild. Together, they could make a new group of strong werewolves, including some Alpha females. Since Jara is the last Alpha female, her claiming will have more than 20 suitors. Every male without a mate can try to claim her.

If Jara wants to stay free, she’ll have to be smarter than all the males trying to catch her, including Mason and Typhon, who claimed her dead sister.

Will Jara find a way to stay free, or will she be caught and forced to become someone’s mate and Luna?

Detail About “The Claiming” Novel

  • Title: The Claiming
  • Author: Cooper
  • Publisher: iReader
  • Ratings: 9.9 (Very Good)
  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Language: English


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